Investor: Panattoni

Location: Warszawa

Area: 80 735 m²

Built-up area: 37 610,98 m²

Construction of two storage and production halls with a total area of 37,600 m2

The investment area covered 80,735 m2, located in the Bialoleka District of the capital of Poland – Warsaw (at 20 Annopol Street). The design and construction included: two warehouse and production hall buildings with office and staff areas, together with site development, technical infrastructure, including external installations, and road infrastructure. Warehouse and production hall buildings with office and social areas of 21,100 m2 and 16,000m 2 were built in two stages.

The project was built on the premises of the Coca-cola HBC Poland bottling plant. The existing buildings and infrastructure were subject to demolition. In the course of construction work, a deep well was removed on the basis of a water law permit. A strip of land was separated from the building plot for the construction of a cycle path as part of the urban infrastructure, in accordance with the decision on development conditions. Due to the large areas of paved areas and roofs, and the restrictions on rainwater discharge, underground, tubular retention tanks were completed. This allowed the development area to be mixed and the project area to be dust-free.

The project required an environmental decision and a number of water permits. A dendrological inventory indicating the existing stand of trees and a plan for new plantings were carried out for the change in land use. Electric car charging points have been made available on the investment site.

Extension and conversion of a storage and production hall with a total area of 21,100 m2

The subject of the construction project was the extension and reconstruction of a warehouse and production hall for TRUMPF Huettinger, which is a leading manufacturer and supplier of highly developed technologies in industrial electronics. The challenge was to adapt the building for the installation of internal plant and equipment and the construction of office areas. Precision manufacturing requires the maintenance of positive pressure, appropriate operating temperatures and high hygiene standards. Despite the many changes, the building retained a sprinkler system that meets NFPA standards. As part of the redevelopment, the hall building included: a single-storey production area of 12,000 m2, a warehouse of 6,000 m2, and a two-storey office and staff area completed to a high standard, with a usable area of: 2 600 m2. The office part was designed to accommodate approximately 170 office workers and sanitary facilities for production workers. In addition, a single-storey office part was realised in the warehouse area, as well as a set of auxiliary and technical rooms.