Investor: Panattoni

Location: Pruszkow near Warsaw

Built-up area: 42 600 m²

Construction of two storage halls with an area of 42,600 m2

During construction, the only sources of energy were fuel-powered generators. During construction, the only access road to the project was protected with geogrids to reduce nuisance to neighbouring residential buildings.

For the purposes of BREEAM certification, among other things, in the Project was located: insect boxes – made of coniferous wood, reed tubes and birch shafts with shape and colouring according to the Investor’s standard; gymnastic sets within the framework of outdoor gyms, zoning of greenery taking into account the location and subsequent maintenance of plants (trees, shrubs, perennials, climbers, flower meadows).

A gas extinguishing system was used for the Tenant’s needs in the archive with an area of 181 m2 and the server room with an area of 48 m2. The system is based on Stilde SI gas equipment for IG-541 gas, which is characterised by high extinguishing efficiency, zero conductivity and high purity.