Investor: Hillwood

Location: Rawa Mazowiecka

Area: 254 324 m²

Built-up area: 130 023,66 m²

The project site covered an area of 254,324 m2, within which stage 1 (79,661 m2) was completed. The building of the production and warehouse hall, together with land development and technical infrastructure, completed in 2021-2022. A two-storey office building of 410 m2 and a social and office area of 670 m2 were separated from the hall space. As part of stage 1, a retention basin with an area of 4,550 m2 was realised. As part of the Project, demolition work was carried out on the warehouse halls and the tallest, 10-storey building in Rawa Mazowiecka dating from 1975, which had previously served as a meat processing plant.