Investor: Hillwood

Location: Piekary Slaskie

Built-up area: 42 400 m²

Construction of a 42,400 m2 hall implemented in 2020-2021

The difference in ground between the highest and lowest ground ordinance was approximately 11.5m. Therefore, retaining walls (7m high) were constructed. The project also included the reconstruction of a DN 1000mm water main, as well as the construction of a medium-pressure gas main of approximately 1.7km in length with a gas connection.

Conversion of part of the hall with an area of 38,400 m2

The adaptation of the facility to a production plant for food packaging made from paper pulp and the construction of a technical building of 1840 m2 and an office of 2830 m2, which provides administrative and social facilities for almost 1300 people. External central ventilation systems were completed, which also serve to heat the building in order to maintain the temperature between 18-30 degrees in winter and summer. Overpasses were constructed for installations such as chilled water and trunking. The technical building is the focal point for the reception and distribution of 20MW of electricity. There is a chilled water machine room and a compressed air machine room.