We are involved in the general construction of buildings, particularly industrial and warehouse buildings, including the infrastructure.

The company started in 2005 in Losice and today operates throughout the country and abroad. As a general contractor, we have completed projects with a total area of over 650,000 m2. We have our own design office with a team of architects, constructors and cost estimators.

What distinguishes us...

High quality services

Each project is handled by qualified staff who make effort to ensure that the quality of the investment pleases users visually and meets all the requirements of the project.


Due to our many years of experience, we provide guarantees of on-time completion. Many completed projects have allowed us to become familiar with all the stages that influence the timeliness of our realisations.

Highest standard of completion

During the implementation of each project, the best quality materials are used, so we can be sure that the standard of completion, will meet the expectations of future users of the investment.